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Local Rules and Orders

Local Rules Committee
The Local Rules Committee for the Middle District of North Carolina welcomes comments from everyone working in and for the Court, court users, members of the bar and the public at large.  Comments and suggestions for rules revisions and additions should be sent to the following address:
Members of the Local Rules Committees include:

Local Civil Rules Committee:

  • Judge Joi E. Peake, Chair
  • John S. Brubaker, Coordinator
  • Alan Ruley
  • Allison Mullins
  • D.J. O'Brien, III
  • Lynne Klauer
  • Peter Pappas
  • Richard Coughlin
  • Robert "Hoppy" Elliot
  • Ron Davis

Local Criminal Rules Committee:

  • Judge L. Patrick Auld, Chair
  • John Brubaker, Coordinator
  • Duane Bryant
  • Jay Ferguson
  • Lisa Costner
  • Mireille Clough
  • Scott Coalter
  • Stacey Rubain
  • Stephan Inman

Local Patent Rules Committee:

  • Judge Joe Webster, Chair
  • John Brubaker, Coordinator
  • David Sar
  • Jeff Young
  • Jonathan Berkelhammer
  • Mark A. Stafford
  • Matias Ferrario
  • Susan Freya Olive