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Visitor Information

With limited exceptions, federal civil and criminal court proceedings are open to the public and may be observed by anyone. The court schedule is published on the Court's website for the benefit of the public and bar. Court records are available through PACER or at public terminals located in the Clerk's Office. 

In attending court, we ask that all visitors adhere to the following rules while in the courtroom.

  • No food, beverages, or chewing gum are permitted inside the courtrooms.
  • As a general rule, electronic devices are prohibited in the courthouses. Attorneys may bring electronic devices into the courtroom if they have been issued an electronic device permission card. Cellphones and cameras are permitted for ceremonial events, such as naturalization ceremonies.
  • Courtroom-appropriate attire is expected when present in a courtroom.  Hats and sunglasses, unless for religious or medical reasons, should be removed before entering the courtroom.