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Top 10 Helpful Filing Tips for 2021

Below is the 2021 Top 10 List of Helpful Filing Tips. If you have any questions about these tips or the filing of a document, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 336-332-6000 before you file a document or try to make a correction. The Clerk’s Office is available and eager to help you!

  1. Include a Certificate of Word Count when filing briefs.
  2. When making a Special Appearance (attorney not admitted in this District), use the CM/ECF Notice of Special Appearance event.
  3. Prepare Corporate Disclosure Statements accurately and in a text searchable format.
  4. File motions and briefs as separate documents with separate CM/ECF events.
  5. Be careful in selecting the proper CM/ECF event and using the event’s features correctly.
  6. When using CM/ECF events, link the event to other appropriate documents when required.
  7. When the local rules require, attach proposed orders in PDF version to the related CM/ECF docketing event and submit a Word version to the appropriate email address.
  8. Double check that the correct document is attached and the correct case number is selected when filing every document.
  9. When filing a motion for extension of time or for a continuance, include the view of opposing counsel.
  10. When filing a sealed document, pay close attention to the local rule requirements and sealed document guidance page.