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Jury Excuses

You may request to be permanently excused or temporarily excused for a specific portion of a six week jury term. If you would like to request a temporary excuse, please wait until you have received a summons, not a questionnaire. This page explains the excuse request process only. If you wish to be deferred from jury service or feel that you do not qualify, please refer to the Deferral  and Disqualification pages.
All requests for excuse from jury service must be in writing. Excuse requests cannot be made over the phone or by e-mail. Requests for any reason should be made as soon as possible, and in any event, at least five days before the reporting date. For your convenience, we have created several excuse forms described below, however, you are welcome to send in a typed or legible letter. You also must include the bottom portion of your summons with your excuse request.
We have set up a jury information line at 1-800-246-7607 that provides detailed information on the types (medical, age, residence, etc.) of excuses that may be considered, the information you must include in your written request, and any supporting documentation that is required.
Some of the most common excuse requests are described below:

  • Medical excuses require a statement from a medical provider which briefly explains why the medical condition prevents you from serving on a jury. It is not necessary to disclose the personal details of your specific medical condition. You may have your provider use our medical excuse form .
  • Residency: If you reside outside of the twenty four counties of the Middle District, you must submit an excuse request and a copy of a government issued photo identification such as a driver’s license, passport or state issued identification card as proof of permanent residence. Copies of leases, utility bills, etc. are not considered proof of permanent residence.
  • Age: Individuals 70 years of age or older who do not wish to serve as a juror, should indicate their date of birth in a letter or on the Age Excuse Form.
  • Hardship requests based on employment, transportation, distance to the courthouse, vacations, school schedules, or childcare are generally not considered valid grounds for excuse from jury duty. However, these reasons may be considered for a Deferral continuing your service to a later date. Jurors may be excused from a portion of their six week term or have their start date delayed for vacation hardships.
  • Exemptions: You may be exempt from jury service if you are employed on a full time basis as an elected public official, are a member of any governmental police or regular fire department or a member in active service of the armed forces of the United States.  Volunteer Safety Personnel will be excused upon submission of a written individual request and supporting documentation.  Elected public officials should submit proof of office documentation. Public safety officers should simply send a letter identifying your position and department.