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Disqualification Request Information

You may request to be disqualified from jury service if you are not eligible to serve on a federal jury. This page explains the disqualification process. If you wish to be excused or deferred from service, please refer to the Excuse or Deferral pages.
Some individuals who have been sent qualification questionnaires or summonses may not be legally eligible to serve as a juror and may request be disqualified from jury service. Disqualification may be due to:

  •  A charge pending against you for the commission of, or the conviction of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year and your civil rights have not been restored. Include a copy of the judgment or other official court document with your written request.  
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen. Include a copy of citizenship documentation such as Form I-551 (green card) , INS-Form 94 (Arrival/Departure Record) or an INS approved passport with your written request.
  • If you are a U.S. citizen  who has not resided for a period of one year within this judicial district or no longer reside in the Middle District, include proof of permanent residency such as a copy of a valid drivers license or other state or federally issued photo identification. Utility bills and copies of leases are not considered proof of permanent residency.  
  •  You cannot speak the English language or read, write and understand the English language with a degree of proficency sufficient to satisfactorily fill out the juror qualification form. In this case, please have some one assist you in preparing a sufficient letter of explanation with any supporting documentation.
  • If you are not at least 18 years of age. Please submit a copy of proof of age.

You may use the Disqualification Request Form or explain your request  on a typed or handwritten request letter with your qualification questionnaire or summons and any required supporting documentation. You may also call the jury information line at 1-800-246-7607 to hear information and specific instructions on how to submit a request to be disqualified.
 Please submit your request as soon as possibleI  Do NOT telephone the court with your request. If you do not provide a written request with the necessary information, your request will not be approved.