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Request for Video Conferencing

The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina now offers a Video Teleconferencing system for use in our Greensboro and Winston-Salem courtrooms. The system can connect via TCP/IP networking and is compatible with most enterprise-level systems. It is strongly encouraged that connections be tested at least one week in advance before the required use date. The court will make no guarantee that the system will be available, operational, or that any connectivity will be sufficient for video conferencing or be error free for the duration of the conference.

To request use of a video conference system, complete the Court’s online Video Teleconferencing request form at  The requestor must indicate whether all parties stipulate to the use of the video conferencing system. If the parties do not stipulate, the requestor must show “good cause” through evaluation of the following factors:

1.      Whether any undue surprise or prejudice would result;

2.      The convenience of the parties, counsel, and the court;

3.      The cost and time savings;

4.      The importance and complexity of the proceeding;

5.      Whether the proponent has been unable, after due diligence, to procure the physical presence of a witness;

6.      The convenience to the parties and the proposed witness and the cost of producing the witness in relation to the importance of the offered testimony;

7.      Whether the procedure would allow effective cross-examination, especially where availability to counsel of documents and exhibits available to the witness would affect such cross examination;

8.      Whether the solemnity of the surroundings will impress upon the witness the duty to testify truthfully;

9.      Whether the witness is presently in prison or incarcerated; and

10.    Such other factors as the court deems relevant.

All requests are subject to court approval and equipment availability. Consequently, requests should be submitted at least 14 days in advance of the proposed use date to ensure adequate time for court approval and testing.