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Not Attended ECF Training

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Call to Register for Training.

Classes are approximately two hours in length.  If you would like to schedule training with the Middle District of North Carolina, please contact Kenan Sonbay, Training Coordinator/Court Services Specialist at (336)332-6003 or email

Staff are welcome to attend training, but only attorneys receive logins and passwords. 

If you register for a class and later realize you cannot attend, please call (336) 332-6003 as soon as possible to reschedule.


Complete and Send Electronic Filing Registration Form.

Please mail your Electronic Filing-Attorney Registration Form to the Clerk's Office after registering for a class to ensure you receive your CM/ECF login and password upon completion of your training session.

An Additional Electronic Filing Attorney Registration Form is not required for legal assistants or paralegals.  Only attorneys receive login and passwords.

Note:   Attorneys licensed to practice in the Middle District of North Carolina can request authorization to bring cell phones, laptops, tablets or other electronic devices to the courthouses pursuant to Standing Order No. 2.  To seek authorization, attorneys should complete the Electronic Device Request and Acknowledgment Form.


Attend Training and Receive Login and Password After Training.

After you have completed your training, you can practice online using our CM/ECF Training Database

If you have time prior to your training session, we recommend you review the materials listed below which are located on our website: