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Jury Phone Scam ALERT

Thursday, July 31, 2014

ALERT - If you are contacted by a person claiming to be calling from our jury office requesting that you pay a fine because you missed jury duty, please do not give that person any information. Then, please advise our Jury Office at (336) 332-6040.
Several federal courts across the nation have experienced a jury scam designed to falsely obtain Social Security numbers and dates of birth to facilitate identity theft. Although we have not had any of this activity reported in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, we want to alert you to how this scam has worked in other courts.

  • A caller, purporting to be a jury DUTY coordinator (using a fabricated caller ID showing a courthouse number) calls you and alleges that you have missed juror duty and must pay a fine.
  • When you respond that you never received a jury summons, the caller asks for your Social Security number and date of birth to verify the summons was sent.
  • The callers often use intimidation with the threat of fines or legal action if they are not provided the information needed to cancel the arrest warrant.
  • If you give out your Social Security number and date of birth to the caller, your identity has been stolen.

Please, do not give your Social Security number to anyone over the phone.
To learn more, you can refer to a nation wide alert from the FBI and a press release (with video) from the U.S. Courts.