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News & Announcements

Fri, 12/01/2023
The Judicial Conference approved inflationary adjustments to fees on the miscellaneous fee schedule, which became effective December 1, 2023. Please review the District Court Fee Schedule for further information.
Thu, 11/16/2023
Please view the Vacancy Announcement for the position of Court Reporter. Priority consideration given to applications received by November 30, 2023.
Fri, 10/20/2023
The Court has developed internal procedures for implementing the United States Sentencing Commission’s Amendment 821 (Parts A and B, Subpart 1 Only) to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, effective...
Mon, 10/02/2023
Transcript fee rates increased effective October 1, 2023. For further information, refer to the Court’s Transcript Fee page.
Mon, 10/02/2023
The Court has adopted several changes to the Local Civil Rules of Civil Procedure effective October 1, 2023. For further information, refer to the Court’s Local Rules and Orders page.
Fri, 09/29/2023
The Middle District of North Carolina will continue operations in the usual course notwithstanding any shutdown of the federal government caused by the failure to enact an annual appropriation act or a continuing resolution. This applies to all...
Wed, 09/06/2023
In recognition of the important role the Judiciary plays in assisting victims of domestic violence and in compliance with the POWER Act, the Middle District of North Carolina is pleased to cosponsor a virtual POWER Act event which will take place on...
Tue, 08/08/2023
Comments are being accepted for proposed changes to the Local Civil and Criminal Rules. A summary of the changes and a marked-up version of the rules can be accessed below. Written comments on these proposed amendments can be submitted via e-mail to...
Tue, 04/25/2023
If you have received a violation notice (ticket) for an offense committed on federal property (e.g., on a military base, national park, federal building, etc.), use the following federal Judiciary website that was recently redesigned –...
Tue, 11/22/2022
Effective December 1, 2022, several amendments to the Federal Rules of Procedure will affect the Court’s practices in civil, criminal, and social security cases.  For a summary of the changes that will impact the Middle District of North Carolina,...