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Criminal Justice Act Worksheet

Download the CJA Worksheet  (April 8, 2015 Verison)

  1. The program was developed in Excel version 7.0.  Previous versions of Excel are NOT compatible.
  2. A basic knowledge of Excel is necessary to use these billings spreadsheets.  Excel is menu driven and has helpful icons like other popular Windows-based programs.  Many areas of the spreadsheets are password protected and therefore normal Excel functions, such as adding rows and columns, or adding and editing formulas, are NOT allowed.
  3. This program is controlled by the Court and is considered to be safe from viruses.  In order for the program to function properly, you must select "Enable Macros" if you get this, or a similar message.  If you don't get this message, you need to cancel opening the file and re-set your security level.
  4. The form "Other Expense Worksheet" is now two separate worksheets - "Travel Expense" and "Other Expenses."
  5. You will see a note in the column heading for the date (Important!) telling you to be sure that you enter the correct date, as the hourly rate is determined automatically by the dates in this column.  Items without dates will not be included in the voucher totals.
  6. Please note:  DO NOT add columns to either of these sheets or to either of the expense sheets.  Doing so will cause an error in the summary and voucher sheets.
  7. Be careful with the totals buttons.  If you delete cells that had totals amounts, bold and other formatting will remain.  When deleting totals, delete the entire line or reformat cells where necessary (format painter is helpful).
  8. There is a print button at the bottom of the voucher.  Print ranges may have to be reset, especially if a worksheet exceeds one page.
  9. Please do not submit all worksheets created in the program to the Court.  Instead, file only the pages required by the Court, which include the CJA Voucher Form (with appointing judge's signature), Voucher Summary, In Court Hourly Worksheet, Out of Court Hourly Worksheet, Travel Worksheet, and Other Worksheet.  The CJA Worksheet's Voucher form is not to be filed with the Court.
  10. Worksheets must be submitted on 8.5" by 11" paper.
  11. If claiming expenses for in-house copying charges, include the number of copies and charge per page in the description field.