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ALERT - If you are contacted by phone, email or fax by a person claiming to be from our jury office requesting that you pay a fine or provide personal information because you missed jury duty, please do not open any emailed attachments or respond.  Then, please immediately advise our Jury Office at (336) 332-6040.
Phony emails asking citizens to report to federal court for a hearing have been reported in the judiciary. If a recipient opens an attachment to the email, a virus launches and infects the person's computer.
Scams have been reported in which citizens are sent an arrest warrant by fax or email. The warrant may display "United States District Court" and list a case number and the charges. Typically, recipients are instructed to pay a fine or wire money for failure to respond to a hearing or to settle the charges. Recipients are also requested to provide sensitive information.
Fortunately, these activites have not been reported in our area, but this warning is necessary to alert residents to the scam. If you receive a suspicious email, please contact the Jury Office at (336) 332-6040 to confirm the authenticity of the email before opening any attachment or links and responding to the email.
To learn more, please refer to from the Administrative Office of Public Affairs.